Middle East

ISIS Brutality Becomes a TV Series

"Black Crows" inspired by true events, depicts daily life for women who volunteer or are forced to join ISIS, and the fear that shapes their relationships. MBC director Ali Jaber had this to say about the series:"ISIS is not only an organization. It's an idea; it's a narrative. And you don't bomb an idea. You fight an idea with a more progressive, more compelling idea."

Israel's Brick Wall

Israel's unreasonableness, backed by U.S. opposition to Palestinian statehood, is bound to isolate Israel and undermine American influence in the region.
By Larry Derfner.

ISIS, Turkey and Oil: Interview with Pelicourt

Robert Bensh discusses the myriad ways that ISIS and the Paris attack impact global energy security and geopolitics in the Middle East. By James Stafford.

Viewpoints: Violence Between Israel and Palestine

Since Israel restricted Muslim access to a holy site in Jerusalem, Israelis and Palestinians have plunged into a new battle in their eternal war.

Khalid al-Asaad Slaughtered by ISIS

Khalid al-Asaad, an 83-year-old caretaker of antiquities in Syria, was beheaded by ISIS, but did not receive the same attention as a slain lion. By Teri Schure.

Viewpoints: Iraq and Syria's Ongoing Conflagration

Sectarian warfare in Iraq, a brutal regime in Syria and ISIS in both countries have led to a level of violence and chaos that is extreme even by the Middle East's standards.

Gas Discoveries in the East Mediterranean

Countries in the East Mediterranean can use gas discoveries as a catalyst for regional cooperation, unlocking the region's production potential. By Antonia Dimou.

Viewpoints: Netanyahu Further Isolates Israel

Through his increasingly belligerent position toward Palestinians and Iran, Netanyahu has managed to incense the United States, Israel's one indispensable ally.

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