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Thank you for your continued support of When World Press Review magazine shut down in April 2004, and it became clear that the plug would be pulled on the Web site as well, my company, All Media Inc., purchased the rights to Since then it has been a tough but rewarding experience running the Web site.

When first launched in 1997, we had 50 unique visitors. Today we have over 40,000 unique visitors and 80,000 page views per month. Our tremendous growth stand as testimony to the importance of presenting the issues and debates from around the world.

Since our launch, has published thousands of articles - from daily news reports and analyses of ongoing political events, to essays on history, social issues, and popular culture. wants to continue bringing you news and views from around the world, but these are difficult times. We need your help.

Although we feel uncomfortable asking for your assistance, the demise of the magazine has taught us a valuable lesson: If our readers don't know about our financial struggle, they can't help us meet our needs. depends upon consulting fees, advertising revenue, ancillary product sales and donations to ensure its success.

You can support by visiting our site often and telling everyone you know about us. The more visitors we have to the site, the better our chances to continue our work.

You can also help support by buying our products, using our services, and clicking on our advertisements.

Yet another way you can help support is by making a donation to our General Operations fund.

The demands of the current political situation confront with new responsibilities and ever-more challenging tasks. The growing attacks on democratic rights, and the disturbing living conditions of people around the world all play a huge part in why feels it must continue to give a voice to the mostly voiceless.

Again, thank you for your continued support.


Teri Schure

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