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Arghakhanchi Times

(Independent), Arghakhanchi

BBC Nepali Service



Himalayan Times, The

(Pro-Indian), Kathmandu


(Independent daily), Kathmandu


Nepal Pakshik

(Independent newsweekly), Kathmandu

Nepal in the News

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Britain Set to Deport Nepalese Student Activist

Refugee and immigrant rights' groups in Britain have launched a campaign to save a Nepalese student activist from imminent deportation.

"I love my country, but I hate the government."

Kanak Mani Dixit, editor of Nepal’s Himal South Asia, was arrested in Kathmandu on Saturday, April 8, with a large group of other professionals for defying curfew to press for democratic rights in Nepal.

Expensive H.I.V. Drugs Further Instability in South Asia

Although concern among the South Asian population about the spread and impact of H.I.V./AIDS is significant, governments continue to give the problem a low priority.

Indian Circuses: A Nightmare for Nepali Minors

There are over 50 circuses illegally harboring approximately 2,000 Nepali girls in India. These minor girls are being raped and abused while the Indian and Nepali governments do little to rescue them from their hellish existence.