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Arghakhanchi Times

(Independent), Arghakhanchi

BBC Nepali Service



Himalayan Times, The

(Pro-Indian), Kathmandu


(Independent daily), Kathmandu


Nepal Pakshik

(Independent newsweekly), Kathmandu

Nepal in the News

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Poverty Alleviation in Nepal

An effective poverty alleviation program is needed in Nepal.

I.D.P.'s Unable to Return Home Despite End of Armed Conflict

Hundreds of thousands of people displaced from their homes during the decade-long war between Maoist rebels and the government are having difficulty returning to their homes.

Engendering Peace and Democracy

Fostering Democracy, Nepal, Revolution

Maoists Ready for Peace Talks

Maoist insurgents, who have been waging an armed rebellion in Nepal for the last 10 years, announced last week that they were now ready for peace talks with the newly-formed democratic government.