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Arghakhanchi Times

(Independent), Arghakhanchi

BBC Nepali Service



Himalayan Times, The

(Pro-Indian), Kathmandu


(Independent daily), Kathmandu


Nepal Pakshik

(Independent newsweekly), Kathmandu

Nepal in the News

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New Hope for an End to the Nepalese Maoist Rebellion?

World Press Review correspondent Tilak P. Pokhrel, reporting from Kathmandu, Nepal, writes on the recent cease-fire between Maoist rebels and the government.

Nepal: Brief Honeymoon

Daniel Lak, writing for the New Delhi magazine Outlook, writes that despite a brief lull, the crisis in Nepal is likely to deepen.

Political Vacuum

Liz Lance, reporting from Kathmandu, on Nepalese coverage of the intensifying power struggle between the Nepalese government and Maoist rebels... and within the government itself.

Deuba’s Difference

World Press Review - We review the Nepalese press reaction to the government's strategy for dealing with the Maoist rebels.