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Arghakhanchi Times

(Independent), Arghakhanchi

BBC Nepali Service



Himalayan Times, The

(Pro-Indian), Kathmandu


(Independent daily), Kathmandu


Nepal Pakshik

(Independent newsweekly), Kathmandu

Nepal in the News

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War Without Ends

H. Thayer Walker III reports from the frontlines of Nepal's civil war of attrition.

Nepal: Downward Spiral

The Nepalese media have been engaged in a grisly accounting of the number of people killed since a tenuous seven-month cease-fire collapsed in late August, Nepal correspondent Tilak P. Pokharel reports.

Nepalese Rebels Walk Away from Peace Talks

The seven-month-old peace process between the Nepalese government and Maoist rebels has virtually collapsed, World Press Review Nepal correspondent Tilak P. Pokharel reports.

Nepal's Endless Political Turmoil

Even as visitors from around the world gathered in Nepal this spring to mark the 50th anniversary of the scaling of Mt. Everest, political instability and violence in the Himalayan kingdom continued unabated. Tilak Pokharel reports from Kathmandu.