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Nepal Samacharpatra

(Independent daily), Kathmandu

New Spotlight Magazine


Your Guide to Living in Nepal

(Monthly newsmagazine), Kathmandu

Nepal in the News

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The Political Role of Nepalese Women

Although women in Nepal have made great strides in recent decades, taking on greater roles in politics, leadership is needed to further their advancement.

Nepali Students in New York Call for Government Accountability

Demonstrators aimed to remind Nepalis everywhere that they have to take an active role in holding their government accountable for its promises.

Nepal Invites Tourists to Visit Its Villages

Since the peace agreement between the Maoists and the government, tourist figures are recovering. If peace continues, predictions are that Nepal's tourist industry may fully recover by 2010.

Maoists in Nepal Accused of Fomenting Political Crisis

Leading national newspapers have become critical of the Maoists' "non-competitive" style of doing politics, saying it is a return to the tactics they adopted during their decade-long insurgency.