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Riccardo Valsecchi
Berlin, Germany
Riccardo Valsecchi is a full time freelance journalist and reporter. He has covered major stories across Europe and former U.S.S.R. countries for Italian and international news sources, including ResetDoc, Rassegna, Liberazione, Left, il Cavallo di Cavalc...

Angelique van Engelen
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Angelique van Engelen is a freelance copywiter, journalist, reporter, and researcher. She has lived in the Middle East for a considerable time as a foreign correspondent and is currently based in Amsterdam, covering news and politics there. She also ...

Faye Vasiliadis
Athens, Greece
Faye Vasiliadis is a journalist, a translator and a copywriter, currently living in Athens, Greece. She has a BSc in international economics and an MA in international affairs. She has lived in the United States and France and fluently speaks four languag...

Andre Vltchek
Jakarta, Indonesia
Andre Vltchek is a novelist, poet, political analyst, journalist, photographer and filmmaker, and has covered dozens of war zones from Bosnia and Peru to Sri Lanka and East Timor. He is the author of the novel "Point of No Return," political nonfiction "W...

Casper Voogt
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Casper Voogt's award-winning Amsterdam-based Web design company, Plethora Design, works for clients around the world — from Hollywood celebrities and large corporations, to non-profits and perso...

Katharina Wawrzon
London, United Kingdom
Katharina Wawrzon is a freelance translator based in London, UK. Born in Poland, she spent her formative years in Germany, where she moved with her parents in 1985. She has a Masters degree from University of Edinburgh and a BA in Modern European Studies ...

Michael Werbowski
Vienna, Austria
Michael Werbowski is a Vienna-based reporter, heritage activist and political campaign organizer who specializes in international geopolitical issues. He graduated from the University of Leeds, U.K., and wrote his MA dissertation in post-communist studies...

Jacob R. Wheeler
Empire, MI USA
Jacob Wheeler is a Danish-American freelance journalist who splits his time between Chicago and Michigan. He is an assistant editor at In These Times magazine and is completing a book on the Guatemalan adoption industry.

Wheeler speaks f...

Kobi Wolf
Tel Aviv, Israel
Kobi Wolf began his study of photography in the "Geographical Photography college." At the end of his personal studies he broadened his boundaries by setting off on a long journey with no specific destination in mind. With the help of his own personal cur...

Jean Yang
Quebec, Canada
Jean Yang is a freelance writer, editor for the Forum of International Cooperation, and a human rights activist. She is also a translator proficient in French, English, Mandarin, basic Japanese and is currently picking up Spanish as a fifth language.

Ali Yucel
Izmir, Turkey
Ali Yucel is a full-time freelance translator with the language pairs of English to Turkish, and Turkish to English. He is currently based in Izmir, Turkey.

Ali has been awarded Certified Pro status by ProZ for his achievements in both language pai...

Jeffrey Zahka
New York, NY USA

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