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Peter C. Glover

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Professional/Personal Overview

Peter C Glover is an British freelance writer, journalist and media consultant specializing in news and current affairs, politics, the media, cultural and faith matters.

In recent years he has worked as a full-time writer, with articles published in the USA, UK and Canada. Mr. Glover regularly contributes to online news sites including World Politics Watch and TCSDaily and has written for numerous publications including Broadcast, British Journalism Review, Christian Science Monitor and Suffolk Journal. He writes a current affairs blog at and is founder and editor of the newly-launched

Mr. Glover is also the author of The Politics of Faith: Essays on the Morality of Key Current Affairs and The Virtual Church: The Crisis of De-formation and the Need for Re-formation in the 21st Century Church (Xulon Press) and other books.

Work Samples

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Photoshop of Horrors
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Why Banning Incandescent Lightbulbs Isn’t a Bright Idea
A New Climate of Cool?

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