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Ioannis Michaletos

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Professional/Personal Overview

Ioannis Michaletos is an associate of the Institute for Defense & Security Analysis in Athens, Greece. He is a political and security consultant for the IHS Jane’s Information Group and a Southeast European correspondent for the European Oil & Gas Monitor and the European Energy Review.

Mr. Michaletos leads the Southeast European office of the World Security Network Foundation, contributes to the BRIGHT magazine in issues of Balkan organized crime, and is a member of the FLARE network (European network of civil society against transnational organized crime).

His main interests are in the research and analysis of assymetrical security threats in Southeastern Europe (organized crime networks, terrorism and extremism, as well as energy-related developments (energy infrastructure and networks, investments, energy security, and regional energy policies). His experience includes consultancy projects for security research organizations and corporations, focused mainly in the Balkans, Greece and the transnational illicit markets.

Work Samples

Greek-Swedish Relations: A Historical Synopsis
The Kurdish Factor in the Middle East
A Greek oil company aims for the NIS privatization
Balkan puzzle and the European aphasia
Greek islands for sale: Only super rich need to apply
NATO's secret armies in the Cold War and the Turkish security state
Freemasonry in Greece: Secret history revealed
The Greek Merchant Marine: The Development of an International Network
Defense Balance in Western Balkans
The Hellenic merchant maritime sector: A historical and business overview Work Samples

Eastern Mediterranean Natural Gas Culminations
Delicate Landscape of the Eastern Mediterranean
North Africa Instability Affects European Energy Security
World Thirst for Energy
Caspian Sea's Part in the 'Great Game'
A Kurdish Spring in Turkey and Syria?
The Balkan Gate of Transnational Cocaine Trade
Germany's Eurozone Woes
Eurozone: The End Is Nigh?
International Tobacco Contraband
Iran's Oil Embargo: Impact on the E.U.
Islam in Turkey
Heroin Trade and Illegal Immigration in Southeastern Europe
Eastern Mediterranean Energy Games
European Debt Crisis Going Global
The Southeastern Europe Pipeline Race
Greek Fears of Social Backlash and Destabilization
North Africa and E.U. Energy Security
Radical Islam Passing through Greece
Greece, Turkey and Illegal Immigration
Trends in Balkan Organized Crime Activities
Kosovo Developments: Interview with Oliver Ivanovic
Organized Crime in Central Europe
Kosovo's Organized Crime Burden
Talking Nuclear Energy with Patricia Lorenz
Al Qaeda: A Global Phenomenon Reaching Maturity
Underlying Factors in the Rise of the Price of Oil
Turkish Organized Crime
Notes on the Looming Global Energy Crisis
The Kurdish Factor in Middle Eastern Developments
The World's 'Energy Game' Hotspots
The Balkan Transformation and the Underlying Energy Factor
The Iran Crisis and Possible Scenarios
Eastern Mediterranean Oil Politics
Complexities Mount for Kosovo's Final Resolution
Energy Related Developments in Southeastern Europe
Romania Seeks Balance of Power in the Black Sea Region
Update on Greek-American Relations
The Kosovo Deadlock
Albania and EUROPOL Sign Agreement on Organized Crime
Turkey: European Accession Negotiations
Contemporary Islamic Terrorism

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