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Eric Mueller

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Professional/Personal Overview

Eric Mueller is a professional freelance writer, editor, researcher, and Arabic-English translator with some 30 years’ experience. He has also done some translation from Russian into English. Currently based in the U.S., Mr. Mueller has lived in Saudi Arabia and Syria, and spent eight years doing editorial work for a trade publishing company in Hong Kong. In addition to translation, he is a meticulous and experienced researcher.

Mr. Mueller’s varied educational background includes study at the Islamic University in al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia, in the mid-1970s and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Texas at Austin in the United States, with a thesis on the political thought of the medieval Arab-Islamic philosopher, al-Farabi.

Thoroughly grounded in classical Islamic studies and history, Mr. Mueller has for many years specialized in translation of current political and social writing from the Arab world. Conversant with current political idiom, he has produced translations of significant Arabic speeches, articles, political statements and analyses in an attempt to convey to western readers some of the influential Arab perspectives that are little known outside the region. Work Samples

Islamic News Sources Examine Events in the Middle East
Assessment of the Situation in Lebanon Following UN Resolution 1701

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