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Roland Bankole Marke

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Professional/Personal Overview

Roland Bankole Marke is a Florida-based freelance writer, poet, and songwriter. Born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, Marke started writing in order to satisfy his own soul. His passion for humanity, depicted in his writing, helped to consummate a lasting marriage. Marke's work has appeared in several journals and magazines, both in print and online. These include, Free Press, The Guardian Weekly, Journal of the African Literature Association, The African Courier,, Liberia Sea Breeze, The Patriotic Vanguard, Florida Times Union,, Jacksonville Advocate, Kenya London News, Standard Times, Mabayla Review, and

He has published three poignant CDs—"The Gift of Life," "Jesus Dwells in My Soul," and "Love and Happy New Year": His published books include Teardrops Keep Falling and Silver Rain and Blizzard (Angelic Flames). His most recent book is Harvest of Hate—Stories and Essays: "Fuel for the Soul." Web site:

"Roland Marke's work speaks of our urgent need to heal and to hope. Roland's poetry, story, and songs are inspirational. Like all great writers, he lifts suffering to a higher plane of regard. Please take the time to listen to his message and spread the good word. We can work together for a more human, caring world."
—Nile Stanley, Ph.D. chair, childhood education author, poet, University of North Florida Jacksonville, Fla. Work Samples

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