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Chinua Akukwe

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Professional/Personal Overview

Dr. Chinua Akukwe is an Africa analyst with expertise in HIV/AIDS strategies, policies and programs, with special focus on Africa; public health; international development partnerships; and international affairs. He is a fellow of the American College of Epidemiology; a fellow of the United Kingdom Royal Society of Medicine, London; a fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration, Washington, D.C.; a member of the New York Academy of Sciences; the vice chairman of the Editorial Board, America Journal of Public Health; the chair, Africa Working Group, National Academy of Public Administration, Washington, DC; a former vice chairman of the National Council for International Health, now known as the Global Health Council, Washington, D.C.; a former senior visiting fellow at the National Medical Association, Washington, D.C.; a former senior visiting fellow at the American Council for Voluntary International Action (InterAction), Washington, DC; a former member of the International Human Rights Committee of the American Public Health Association; and a former member of the board of directors of the Christian Connections for International Health, an international ecumenical organization. Dr. Akukwe is presently a member of the Board of Directors of the Constituency for Africa, Washington, D.C.

Dr. Akukwe is a professorial lecturer (professor) of global health and a professorial lecturer of preventive and community health at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Healthcare Sciences, Washington, D.C. He is a former chairman of the Technical Advisory Board of the George Washington University Africa Center for Health and Human Security, Washington, D.C., where he served for five years. In addition, he was the pioneer executive chairman of the Africa Union Africa Diaspora Health Initiative.

Dr. Akukwe has written extensively on health and development issues, including five books. Work Samples

Ebola: A Global Wake-Up Call
U.S.-Africa Summit: Partnership Opportunities
Nigeria: Ending the Threat of Boko Haram
Nelson Mandela: The Global Icon Goes Home
U.S. Upgrades Its Relationship with Africa
Global Fund Fights AIDS, TB and Malaria
Development Challenges for Africa in 2012
HIV and AIDS: The End of the Beginning
Egypt's Battle for Freedom
South Sudan: Safeguarding Independence
AIDS at 30: Lessons Learned
Nigeria: Ten Unavoidable Issues
Nigeria Post-Presidential-Election Violence
The Uncertain Future of Libya
Issues Awaiting Haiti's Next President
The Future of Egypt's Political Soul
Ivory Coast's Election Quagmire
Nigeria's Delicate Presidential Election Transition
AIDS Fight in Africa
HIV and AIDS in 2009
World Bank Reforms: Tough Decisions Needed on Four Critical Issues
G-20: New Clout, New Responsibilities
The Emerging Obama Doctrine on Africa
Africans in the Diaspora: Development Partnerships
Africans in the Diaspora and the Obama Administration
G-20 Agreement: Will Africa Benefit?
Strengthening the Global Alliance on AIDS: Five Strategic Steps
Dr. Peter Piot: An Accomplished Global Health Diplomat
AIDS Relief and the World's Richest People: An Opportunity for Partnership on AIDS Orphans and Health Workers
Revised Global AIDS Estimates: International Support for AIDS Relief Should Not Waver
AIDS and International Philanthropy: Realigning Funding Priorities
AIDS and the Response of Business: Focusing on Areas of Comparative Advantages
AIDS: Winning the Fight, Losing the War
PEPFAR Reauthorization: Issues for Consideration
South Africa's Leadership on H.I.V./AIDS Is a Welcome Development
G-8 Nations Should Redeem Gleneagles Pledges on Development Aid to Africa
Another Chance for the World Bank to Move Closer to Its Core Mission
Africa's Development in 2007: 10 Major Challenges
H.I.V./AIDS in Africa, 2007-2010: Major Challenges Ahead
H.I.V./AIDS at 25 Years: Moving Toward the Phase of Accountability, Benchmarks and Personal Responsibility
Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet: Reshaping Global Health
The United Nations, AIDS, and the Long Battle Ahead
Death of W.H.O. Head Is Major Loss for Global Health
H.I.V./AIDS: The Growing Momentum for Universal Access to Treatment
Bird Flu Arrives in Africa
Africa's Development in 2006: Ten Major Challenges
Rethinking the Global War on AIDS
The Bird Flu Pandemic: How Africa Can Cope
H.I.V./AIDS: Looming Funding Crisis
The Group of 8 and Africa Partnership for Development: Four Essential Elements

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