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Remi Kanazi

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Professional/Personal Overview

Remi Kanazi is a Palestinian-American freelance writer living in NYC. His focus is Middle East politics - specifically Palestinian/Israeli politics. Mr. Kanazi's work has been published in the Palestinian territories, Israel, and America as well as in online magazines around the world.

Some Palestinian and Middle East media his work has been featured on includes: Electronic Intifada, Electronic Iraq, Palestine Monitor, Palestine Chronicle, Middle East Online, Palestine Media Center, MIFTAH, Alternative Information Center, Al, The Jerusalem Times, and Al Bawaba.

Mr. Kanazi's work has also been featured on progressive media outlets which include: CounterPunch, ZNet, MR Zine, Alternative Press Review, Media Monitors and Scoops. His personal blog is Poetic Remi, and his Web site is at

Work Samples

Friday Night Lights: Game Time in Gaza
Bordering Autonomy
U.S. and EU: “Dishonest brokers”
Light and Darkness: America's Reaction to 9/11 Work Samples

Oslo Redux: Fool's Gold in Israel/Palestine
You Don't Mess With the Racism
Why a Cultural Boycott of Israel Is Necessary
When Free Speech Doesn't Come Free
Can I Have My Change Back: Arab-Americans and Obama's False Hope
Is This Ben Gurion or Hell?
The Failure of the Israeli Left and the Two-State Solution
Bill Maher’s 'Towel Headed Hos'
The Politics of Pragmatism
All Roads Lead to Checkpoints
An Alternative Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Humanizing the Other
The Existing Question
Call a Spade a Spade
Rachel’s Words Live On
US Media Bias: Covering Israel/Palestine
The Art of Politics
Weighing the Options: The Next Path for Israel/Palestine
Political Hemorrhaging
Dancing With Perseverance
Israel: Transferring The Truth

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