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Ailana Navarez

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Professional/Personal Overview

Ailana Navarez is a writer, photographer and political analyst with a concentration in Latin America. She is pursuing a major in government with a specialization in international relations and a minor in psychology at Harvard Extension School. She is a South America regional specialist for Pulsamerica (a U.K.-based Latin America analysis firm) and has been featured in several international magazines and news outlets, including Telesur, Mercury Magazine and Casa Rosada.

While Ms. Navarez currently resides in North Carolina, she also maintains residences in Panama and Uruguay. Connect with her on LinkedIn here. Work Samples

Latin America's Expanding Wealth Gap
Colombia's Glyphosate Ban: Security vs. Health
Mercosur and Pacific Alliance: Latin America Divided
Bolivia Wrestles Chile for Ocean Access
Nicaragua: China's Canal in Latin America
No U.S. Military Bases: Latin America's Call for Sovereignty
Colombia: Prospects for Peace

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