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Laurelle Atkinson

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Professional/Personal Overview

Laurelle Russell-Atkinson is an independent political analyst specializing in geopolitics and the Middle East, with degrees in the field from the Australian National University. She is currently writing her second book, "Middle Eastern Conflicts: Root Causes and Causal Resolve," subsequent to attending the Esfahan University in Iran, where she presented two papers on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Australian Foreign Policy and Iran. She has applied causal analysis to Middle Eastern conflicts for 25 years, providing policy advice for government and foreign diplomats. Work Samples

Australia: Fanning the Flames of Warming and Warfare
Overcoming ISIS: Transcending Sectarian Rivalries
Palestine: Political Realities in an Explosive Region
ISIS and WMD: New Danger in the Middle East
Iraq: Consequence of Military Training
Turkey: Broker for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Israel and Palestine: A Bi-National Solution
Syria: the Misnomer of 'Combating Terrorism'
Syria: Center of a Region Inflamed
WMD Regulation in the Middle East
U.S. Response to North Korea's Threats
Israel and Palestine: Consequences of Deterrence
Is Iran Key to Resolving the Syrian Crisis?
Syria: Iran and Russia's 'Non-Interference'
Iran vs. Israel, Part Two
Iran vs. Israel
Iranian Nuclear Issue within the State System
Syria: a Question of Regional Authority
An Iranian Distraction from U.S. Woes
Palestinian Statehood: Regional Questions
Shifting Defense Frameworks in the East
Palestinian Statehood and the Defense Structure of Israel
Dictatorship Cycle in the Middle East
When Bullets Meet Oil: Today's Middle East
The Ubiquity of Militant Rationale
Religion and Power Politics in the Middle East
In Need of a New Security Framework in the Middle East
Dilemma of the Two-State Solution
Middle East Theocracy
Military Rationale in the Middle East
The Case for Geopolitical Mechanisms
Geopolitical Nuclear Regulation

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