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Justin Frewen

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Professional/Personal Overview

Justin Frewen has worked as a consultant for the U.N. since 1997. He has worked at every stage of the project/program cycle for development/humanitarian programs in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the United States. Mr Frewen has completed graduate studies in public and international law (University of Melbourne, Australia - 2009), international relations (Metropolitan University, London - 2006), social-anthropology (School of Oriental and African Studies, London - 1993), film and television studies (Dublin City University, Ireland - 1992) and is currently undertaking a PhD in political science at the University of Galway, Ireland.

Mr. Frewen's areas of expertise include the U.N.; the nature and structure of globalization; international financial institutions; the WTO, trade-related intellectual property rights and free trade agreements; poverty, hunger and inequality; human rights and development; the E.U. and its role in the world; the political economy and bias of the media; asylum seekers and refugees; racism, discrimination and social-exclusion; and health, particularly disability and mental health.

He has written feature/opinion pieces for a wide range of publications and also produced a chapter about his time in Iraq with the U.N. for "Did Someone Say Participate?," voted one of the 10 best books on architecture by The Independent (UK) in 2008. He also contributed to the publication East Coast Europe and is currently preparing a chapter for an upcoming book on Brazil. Work Samples

The Lessons of Bhopal and BP
The Cost of Mental Health in Europe
State-Building Woes of the U.N.
The Rocky Road to Independence for Southern Sudan
Trade Not Aid?
Time to Revisit the Millennium Development Goals?
Debt Burden Cripples Poorer Nations
Global Hunger
The Real Evils
The Stolen Generations of Australia

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