International Editor of the Year Award

2004 Recipient

Shukria Barakzai

Shukria Barakzai

Shukria Barakzai
(Photo: Deutsche Siftung fur Internationale Entwicklung)

Since 1975, has presented the International Editor of the Year Award to an editor or editors outside the United States in recognition of enterprise, courage, and leadership in advancing the freedom and responsibility of the press, enhancing human rights, and fostering excellence in journalism.

Shukria Barakzai Was Named’s 2004 International Editor of the Year

Press release: Our editors, in consultation with our correspondents, translators, contributing editors and other leading internationalists, overwhelmingly selected Shukria Barakzai, founder and editor of Aina-E-Zan (Women's Mirror), a weekly newspaper based in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Speech:’s 2004 International Editor of the Year Award luncheon

Shukria Barakzai was honored at’s International Editor of the Year award luncheon at the United Nations on May 9, 2005.

Photos:’s 2004 International Editor of the Year Award luncheon

Photos by Bain Coffman.

Speech: The Power of One Lecture

Shukria Barakzai gave a talk at the Annenberg School on May 9, 2005, about a variety of issues and challenges facing Afghan women today.

2005 Schedule of Events

Shukria Barakzai traveled in and around New York, D.C., and Philadelphia from May 6 through May 16.

The Power of One: An Interview With Shukria Barakzai

Shukria Barakzai answered questions from about the state of the media in Afghanistan, heading secret schoolsfor girls during the reign of the Taliban, and the joys of voting alongside 3 million Afghan women.

Women Defy Odds in Afghan Polls

The Daily Telegraph, Nov. 15, 2005. (Link opens in new window.) Female candidates have triumphed in Afghanistan's parliamentary elections …

Shukria Barakzai Dawi: Out From Under

Tekla Szymanski profiles Shukria Barakzai. From the November 2002 issue of World Press Review.

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