Trump World: Coming to America on January 20

UK: The Guardian, 11/28/16: Trump’s election could force Americans to recognise flaws in their own democracy, even as they abandon global “democracy promotion.” The fact that Trump lost the popular vote by more than 2 million could re-energise efforts to reform the electoral college – efforts that already have resulted in the necessary legislation in states representing 61% of the required votes. And the overwhelming opposition to Trump in trend-setting states such as California and New York could encourage their voters to elect legislatures to counteract federal conservatism with progressive state laws on issues ranging from air quality and health care to abortion, treatment of immigrants, and gun control.

Argentina: Buenos Aires Herald, 12/9/16: About the only thing still global in the world is recession and there are very few countries willing to buy from abroad and many (indeed almost all) who want to sell. Here Argentina finds itself in a dilemma between the ideological and the economic — what should its relations with the US be after the rise of Trump to power and (a parallel challenge) what it should do with the ties woven with China in the Kirchnerite years. …China — in crisis — is still suffering from its lack of food sovereignty. And Argentina must fight to continue being the food provider while maintaining financial links in case Trump’s campaign promises end up leaving the government without access to credit. The problem is that the competition to fulfill China’s food sovereignty demands pits Argentina against its ally in crisis, Brazil, and that recent enigma, the US — three of the world’s biggest food producers.

Mexico: Mexico News Daily, 12/15/16: The November elections in the United States exposed the messy truth about what Americans think about each other, and the world.  …It’s the world next door (Mexico) that matters most, and the accepting or rejecting of America’s relationship with Mexico and the mestizo masses of Central America. …Most norteamericanos come to know …Mexico and Mexicans; either on vacation, a blast across the border, or a chat with the guy who does the lawn. …Then there’s the reality of how Mexicans are observed within the U.S.: often poor, huddled, indigenous ‘illegals;’ often cast as job-stealing and social service freeloaders. Put it all together, and Mexico really never had a chance.

China: China Daily, 12/20/16: Fortunately, after Trump's inadvisable phone conversation with Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen recently, some European leaders have strongly opposed his move. German Chancellor Angela Merkel told journalists that Germany continues to stand by the one-China policy and will not change its position….Hopefully, Trump will learn some statecraft from cross-Atlantic allies because many of them are veteran hands in dealing with China. They know very well what are the politically sensitive "bottom lines" that must be observed. …And the bottom line is that Trump should be ignored if he insists on trying to be a troublemaker – this world is risky enough already.

Israel: Jerusalem Post, 12/29/16: Trump was elected by blue-collar workers in the US heartland, buoyed by his promise to restore their jobs. But it is highly unlikely the US will regain its jobs in coal mining and manufacturing, especially if the dollar rises and if Trump initiates a trade war with Mexico and China. In that case, the US’s short-term boom may turn into long-term decline.  …What will Trump’s angry, but fooled, supporters do then? Next time, they might be even angrier. Where that might lead is terrifying. 

Iran: FARS News Agency, 12/29/16: Donald Trump may have won the presidency, but if the throngs of demonstrators across the country who oppose him have their way, his Jan. 20 inauguration will be fraught with disruption and massive civil unrest. …Working under the hashtag #DisruptJ20, one grassroots group is already working on a series of decentralized direct actions “that will shut down the Inauguration ceremonies” and will “paralyze the city of Washington, D.C. itself,” according to their to call-to-action, posted on their website. …Though the group’s main convergence points will be in Washington, D.C., they are calling for people to meet all over the country and even in embassies around the world. “Our allegiance is not to 'making America great again,' but to all of humanity and the planet. #DisruptJ20,” their call-to-action concludes.

India: The Hindu, 12/30/16: The election of its first black President was the beginning of the change America needed, and which the world applauded. It is also the change America has reversed and which the world is regretting. Will the change outlast its attempted reversing? We must hope it will for the USA’s sake, but no less for the world.

Australia:, 1/4/17: This year’s annual New Year’s Eve extravaganza at Mar-a-Lago — Mr. Trump’s pricey members-only resort — sold hundreds of tickets at more than $500 a pop. …But the money raised didn’t go to charity. Since Trump himself owns the Palm Beach, Florida, resort, those [ticket] sales profit him personally.

Germany: Spiegel Online, 1/4/17: The hour-long video didn't exactly put the German chancellor in a cheerful mood. The footage was from Donald Trump's recent appearance in Pennsylvania during his so-called Thank You Tour and Angela Merkel… watched the rally in its entirety. … During his speech, Trump celebrated a landslide victory that was anything but; he blasted the press "the world's most dishonest people" and in no way left the impression that he has matured into a statesman following his election win. But one passage really stood out in Merkel's memory and she quoted it verbatim: "There is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency, a global flag. We salute one flag, and that is the American flag."

United States: The Intelligencer, 1/4/17: Even before Donald Trump became president-elect, Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for his name to be scrubbed from Istanbul's Trump Towers. …Now that Trump is just two weeks from assuming the presidency, cities that host his many branded properties have an additional concern to consider: the potential terrorism threat brought by his name. …Properties in the United States are not immune to attacks either, whether from sympathizers of foreign terrorist organizations or by domestic terrorist groups, although protecting them is less likely to cause international conflicts of interest. Not all Trump-labeled sites are owned by Trump or managed by the Trump Organization, but that may not matter. 

Russia: Moscow Times, 1/5/17: As most Russians enjoy a week-long holiday vacation, the country's ailing currency is also having a happy new year. Today, during trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange, the U.S. Dollar's value fell to less than 60 rubles for the first time since 2015. …The euro also depreciated relative to the ruble today, hitting a rate of 62.67 rubles per euro. …The falling exchange rates were accompanied by rising Brent crude oil prices on the ICE Exchange. …The ruble also appreciated during the first trading of 2017 on the Moscow Stock Exchange. … the ruble strengthened due to rising oil prices, which reached more than $57 per barrel. The ruble has been struggling ever since it tumbled on Dec. 16, 2014. That day, the ruble lost nearly 20 percent of its value within 24 hours. Bloomberg called it the worst single-day drop for the ruble in 16 years.