Re: An Unbreakable Bond?

Re: An Unbreakable Bond?

Joseph Elias
Wilkes-Barre, PA

The U.S. administration is filled with blatant pro-Israeli people.

Mr. Roughneen's attempt at presenting the Israeli-U.S. relationship fails. The aid to Israel—military, economic, loan guarantees, etc.—exceeds $3 billion a year, not $2 billion. "Stillborn" meetings are the norm in the Israeli-U.S. relationship, especially when it comes to peace in the Middle East. No U.S. president has brought about an Israeli withdrawal from conquered lands since Dwight Eisenhower. The U.S. administration is filled with blatant pro-Israeli people, whether Aaron Miller, Sandy Berger, Elliot Abrams, Rahm Manuel, Martin Indyk, etc. And if the president doesn’t meet the cheerleader status for Israel, Israel goes to Congress. I just received a campaign flyer from Greene from Florida, who is the Democratic candidate for senator. It was a sold diatribe on giving him money because of his loyal support to Israel and what he would do to increase that support if elected.

The canard that Israel and the United States are fighting the same enemy is concocted by Israel and its mouthpieces in the U.S. Hamas is not al-Qaeda. Hamas is concerned about Israel and its occupation of its lands, especially Gaza. Hezbollah is not al-Qaeda. It is concerned about Israel and its threats to Lebanon, especially southern Lebanon where the Shia Lebanese are most concentrated. As for nuclear weapons, who has them? Not Iran. Israel. Israel has some 200 weapons. It obtained them illegally. Perhaps with the help of U.S. citizens. It was willing to sell its technology with apartheid South Africa. If Israel was nuclear free then the pressure for other countries in the area would be reduced and a nuclear free Middle East could be established.