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Iraq in the International Press

International Press Briefings:
A Multinational Force for Iraq
Comment and analysis from Karachi, New Delhi, Mexico City, Tokyo, Athens, Dar es Salaam, Paris, Budapest, Oslo, Sydney, Cairo, Madrid, Bogotá, Beijing, Kathmandu, Seoul, Rome, Sofia, and Nairobi

International Reaction to Bush's Speech on Iraq and Terrorism
Comment and analysis on President Bush's Sept. 7 speech on Iraq from Paris, Munich, Toronto, Sydney, Milan, Nairobi, Moscow, Beijing, London, Tehran, Amman, Jerusalem, São Paulo, Istanbul, Athens, and Jakarta.

Finger-Pointing and Stonewalling on Prewar Intelligence
Comment and analysis from Paris, Manila, Sydney, Beijing, Budapest, Karachi, Mexico City, Havana, and Glasgow

Weapons of Mass Destruction, MIA
Comment and analysis from Paris, London, Oslo, Milan, Beijing, Athens, Mexico City, Edinburgh, New Delhi, Cairo, Bangkok, and Tehran

Mapping a Middle East Peace
Comment and analysis from Ramallah, Jerusalem, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Cairo, London, Amman, Istanbul, Dubai, Oslo, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Sydney, Casablanca, Amsterdam, and Stockholm

The Road to Damascus
Comment and analysis from Frankfurt, London, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Dubai, Riyadh, Jidda, Doha, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Karachi, Oslo, Moscow, Milan, Toronto, Beijing, Islamabad, New Delhi, and Auckland

Now the Hard Part
Comment and analysis from Abha, London, Moscow, Karachi, Paris, Jidda, New Delhi, Bangkok, Frankfurt, Turin, Brussels, Jerusalem, Rabat, Tokyo, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Damascus, Melbourne, Santiago, and Cape Town

The Media War
Comment and analysis from Ottawa, Chennai, New Delhi, Doha, Sydney, London, Canberra, Tehran, Ramallah, Beijing, Bangkok, and Jidda

Winning the Peace
Comment and analysis from Taipei, London, Rawalpindi, Prague, Accra, Hong Kong, Paris, Madrid, Beirut, Islamabad, Istanbul, New Delhi, Milan, Arhus, Kuala Lumpur, and Berlin

The Arab Press and the War in Iraq
Extended excerpts from nine newspapes in Baghdad, London, Jerusalem, Amman, Muscat, and Kuwait City

The Latin American and Canadian Press on the War in Iraq
Comment and analysis from newspapers in Toronto, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Santiago, Panama City, Lima, and Caracas

African Press Response to the War in Iraq
Comment and analysis from Accra, Johannesburg, Kampala, Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Lagos, Lusaka, Harare, Addis Ababa, and Cape Town

Asian Press Resposne to the War in Iraq
Comment and analysis from New Delhi, Taipei, Tokyo, Islamabad, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Lucknow, Karachi, Seoul, and Dhaka

Middle Eastern Press Coverage of the War in Iraq
Comment and Analysis from Tel Aviv, Amman, Jerusalem, London, Kuwait City, Casablanca, Tunis, Doha, Riyadh, and Dubai

European Press Response to the War in Iraq
Comment and analysis from Brussels, Tirana, London, Hamburg, Milan, Paris, Nuremberg, Antwerp, Sofia, Budapest, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Bucharest, and Bern

So It Begins
Comment and analysis from Lisbon, Manila, Kampala, Beijing, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Edinburgh, Abidjan, Tokyo, Lima, Rotterdam, Lusaka, Cairo, Sydney, Jidda, London, Glasgow, Port of Spain, and Bogotá

The End of Diplomacy
Views from Dubai, London, Lusaka, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, Istanbul, Bangkok, Toronto, Doha, Melbourne, New Delhi, Tokyo, Jidda, Bratislava, Singapore, Kingston, Ruwi, Damascus, and Tehran

Bush, Blair, Blix and the Battle for Baghdad
Comment and analysis from Sydney, Beijing, New Delhi, London, Tel Aviv, Sofia, Munich, Ottawa, Toronto, Cairo, Madrid, Karachi, and Budapest

The World Debates War in Iraq
Comment and analysis from Tehran, Rawalpindi, London, Islamabad, Jakarta, Baghdad, Calí, Tokyo, Manila, Beirut, Karachi, Copenhagen, Melbourne, Sydney, Calgary, Bratislava, and Paris

International Press Response to Bush's State of the Union Address
Views from Hong Kong, Madrid, Prague, Baghdad, Pyongyang, Munich, Tokyo, Budapest, Jidda, Manila, Beirut, Sydney, New Delhi, Toronto, Banjul, Lilongwe, Nairobi, Brisbane, Johannesburg, and Cali

International Press Response to the U.N. Weapons Inspectors’ Report on Iraq
Comment and analysis from 19 newspapers in Frankfurt, Istanbul, Cairo, Amman, Paris, London, Tehran, Jidda, Dubai, Melbourne, Toronto, Glasgow, Singapore, Moscow, and Kingston

The United States Moves Closer to War
Views from Beirut, Beijing, Sydney, Bangkok, Arhus, Nairobi, Mexico City, Dar es Salaam, Kampala, Auckland, Paris, Singapore, Glasgow, Havana, Oslo, Johannesburg, Bridgetown, and Dublin

A Gathering Storm over Iraq
Comment and analysis from 16 newspapers in London, Kolkata, Rome, Cairo, Istanbul, Ankara, Lisbon, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Toronto, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Tehran, and Ljubljana

Got Weapons? Baghdad's Dossier
Views from Sydney, Edinburgh, Singapore, Stockholm, Paris, Kampala, Berlin, Dublin, Moscow, New Delhi, Bangkok, Taipei, Colombo, Tokyo, and Havana

Inspecting Iraq
Views from Baghdad, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Vienna, Amman, Tehran, Prague, and Lahore

Republican Victories in U.S. Elections
Views from Mexico City, Singapore, Dublin, Seoul, Madrid, Sofia, Johannesburg, Paris, and Lima

The International Press on the New U.N. Ultimatum for Iraq
Views from Baghdad, New Delhi, Cairo, Hanoi, Brisbane, Manila, Beijing, Tokyo, London, Singapore, Oman, Damascus, Tel Aviv, and Amman

Arab Press Reaction to U.S. Plans to Attack Iraq
Extended excerpts from Arab newspapers in Algiers, Amman, Baghdad, Cairo, Damascus, Jerusalem, and London

Ultimatum for Iraq
Views from Beirut, Warsaw, Lima, Santiago, Milan, Sofia, Jerusalem, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Oslo, Karachi, Istanbul, London, and New Delhi

Washington Weighs War with Iraq
Views from Nairobi, Christchurch, Sydney, Bridgetown, Singapore, Cairo, Mexico City, Stockholm, Sofia, Beijing, Colombo, Karachi, Paris, Manama, Lagos, and Sao Paulo

Oil-Supply Jitters
President Saddam Hussein's decision to suspend Iraqi oil exports drew a flurry of commentary from around the world. We review comment from 11 countries.

Inside Iraq:
Interview: Massoud Barzani
Andrea Nüsse, Frankfurter Rundschau (liberal), Frankfurt, Germany, Sept. 16, 2003
The Iraqi People Hate the United Nations
Sérgio Dávila, Folha de São Paulo (liberal), São Paulo, Brazil, Aug. 20, 2003
Iraq, Three Months After the War
Robert Stefanicki, Gazeta Wyborcza (liberal), Warsaw, Poland, July 10, 2003
Iraq: An Audit of War
Jason Burke, The Observer (liberal weekly), London, England, July 6, 2003
Shooting at the Liberators
Giuliana Sgrena, Die Zeit (liberal weekly), Hamburg, Germany, July 3, 2003
Justice and Force in Postwar Iraq
Simon Apiku, Baghdad, Iraq, June 16, 2003
Iraq: Sanctions are Agression,Too
Malik Mansur, Al-Thawra (ruling-party organ), Baghdad, Iraq, Feb. 17, 2003
Iraq: The End and After
David Baran, Le Monde Diplomatique (liberal monthly), Paris, France, February 2003
'Are they going to attack us again?'
Andrew Hammond, World Press Review correspondent, Baghdad, Iraq, Jan. 28, 2003
Iraqi Shiites' Role in a Post-Saddam Hussein Iraq
Hussain Al-Mozany, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (conservative), Frankfurt, German, Nov. 6, 2002.
Iraq: No Uprising Without Outside Support
Sarkis Naoum, An-Nahar (independent), Beirut, Lebanon, Oct. 31, 2002
Stinking Brew in Saddam City
Hans-Christian Rößler, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (conservative), Frankfurt, Germany, Oct. 29, 2002
A Cruel Amnesty Charade
Mohsen Hakim, Siyasat-e Ruz (conservative), Tehran, Iran, Oct. 24, 2002
The View from Baghdad
Andrew Hammond, World Press Review correspondent, Baghdad, Iraq, May 10, 2002

The International Press Debates the War:
Suicide and Suspicions over War with Iraq
Barry Shelby and Sarah Coleman, World Press Review, Aug. 13, 2003
Kuwait: Majority of One
Peter Valenti, World Press Review contributing editor, June 2003
Democracy Without Islam
Iffat Idris Malik, Dawn (centrist), Karachi, Pakistan, May 1, 2003
Australia’s Antiwar Movement: Still Marching, but Where?
James Morrow Sydney, Australia April 17, 2003
The Bulgarian Press on the War in Iraq
Plamen Petrov, World Press Review correspondent Sofia, Bulgaria April 15, 2003
Chinese Media Coverage of War in Iraq
Yin Lijuan and Xiong Lei, World Press Review correspondents Beijing, China April 9, 2003
As War Continues, Tensions Rise in Egypt
Abdalla F. Hassan, Cairo, Egypt, March 31, 2003
Operation Overstretch
David Ramsbotham, London Review of Books (literary biweekly), Feb. 20-March 6, 2003
Five Scenarios for a War in Iraq
Thanos Dokos, To Vima (liberal weekly), Athens, Greece, Feb. 9, 2003
American Liberals Torn
Adrian Kreye, Süddeutsche Zeitung (centrist), Munich, Germany, Jan. 7, 2003
To Hell in a Handcart
Guy Rundle, The Australian (centrist), Sydney, Australia, Oct. 9, 2002
The Push for War
Anatol Lieven, The London Review of Books (literary biweekly), London, England, Oct. 3, 2002
Why Bush Wants to Attack Iraq
Giridhar Stinivasan, Business Line (financial), Chennai, India, Sept. 3, 2002
Bush Can Fool No One
Iman Ahmad, Al-Thawrah (Internet publication of Iraq’s ruling Baath Party), Baghdad, Iraq , Nov. 29, 2001

Ripples Across the Middle East, Europe, and Beyond:
Interview: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad George Semaan and Ghassan
George Semaan and Sharbal, Al Hayat (pan-Arab), London, England, Oct. 7, 2003
Turkey: Send in the Troops
Tekla Szymanski, World Press Review associate editor, October, 2003
The Baghdad and Jerusalem Bombings: Why? Who Benefits?

Salih al-Qallab, Al-Sharq al-Awsat (Saudi-owned), London, England, Aug. 21, 2003
Making the United Nations Function
Sergio Vieira de Mello, O Estado de São Paulo (conservative), São Paulo, Brazil, Aug. 20, 2003
The Arab Satellite Channels and Their Political Impact After the Iraq War
Hisham Sharabi, Al-Hayat (pan-Arab), London, England, July 18, 2003
If France Is a Loser, What of Africa?
Grace Bibala, The East African (independent weekly), Nairobi, Kenya, May 19, 2003
The Gulf After the Change
Said al-Shihabi, Al-Quds al-Arabi (Palestinian expatriate), London, England, May 7, 2003
Islamist Revival
Mahmud Farshidi, Resalat (conservative), Tehran, Iran, April 24, 2003
Syria: Political or Military Target?
Mamoun Fandy, Al-Ahram (government-owned), Cairo, Egypt, April 18, 2003
Family Feud
Joanna Griffin Erikaweg, Germany April 16, 2003
Allies in the Fourth World War
Georgi Bovt and Natalya Kornelyuk, Izvestiya (centrist), Moscow, Russia, April 15, 2003
The Writing on the Wall
Ayman El-Amir, Al-Ahram Weekly (semi-official, English-language), Cairo, Egypt, April 10-16, 2003
Conversations with Julio
Ana Bueno, El Mundo (centrist), Madrid, Spain, April 9, 2003
Two Iraq Wars
Vitaly Shlykov, Novoye Vremya (liberal weekly), Moscow, Russia, April 6, 2003
Feelings Are a Matter of Geography
Editorial, Yediot Aharonot (centrist), Tel Aviv, Israel, March 24, 2003
Middle East:Axis of Paralysis
Peter C. Valenti, World Press Review correspondent, March 13, 2003
Interview: Libya Leader Muammar al-Qaddafi
Charles Lambroschini, Le Figaro (conservative), Paris, France, March 11, 2003
Liberal Imperialism
Michael Lüders, Frankfurter Rundschau (liberal), Frankfurt, Germany, March 9, 2003
Chirac for President...of the Arab League
Imad al-Din Husayn, Al-Bayan (government-owned), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Feb. 14, 2003
Police Outnumbered the anti war protestors
Abdalla F. Hassan Cairo, Egypt, Jan. 30, 2003
In a Country with Two Fronts
Christiane Schlötzer, Süddeutsche Zeitung (centrist), Munich, Germany, Jan. 7, 2003
Trial of Endurance
Dimitar Culev, Utrinski Vesnik (pro-opposition), Skopje, Macedonia, Dec. 31, 2002
Servile States
Ignacio Ramonet, Le Monde Diplomatique (liberal monthly), Paris, France, October 2002
The Abused Arab Street
Wahid Abdel-Meguid, Al-Hayat (pan-Arab), London, England, Nov. 6, 2002
France and the Arabs
Salama Ahmed Salama, Al-Ahram (government-owned), Cairo, Egypt, Oct. 27, 2002
The Blair Dossier
Sarah Coleman, World Press Review contributing editor Oct. 3, 2002
Bushwhacked and Bamboozled
Paul Jackson, The Calgary Sun (conservative), Calgary, Canada, Oct. 8, 2002
Cautious Cheers
Tekla Szymanski, World Press Review associate editor, Sept. 20, 2002
The Logic of Empire
George Monbiot, The Guardian (liberal), London, England, Aug. 6, 2002
Power Won't Lead to Victory
Jean-Claude Casanova, Le Monde (liberal), Paris, France, July 30, 2002
Is Iraq Our Enemy?
Randy David, The Philippine Daily Inquirer (independent), Manila, Philippines, Jan. 11, 2003.
War or Peace?
Seyyed Mustafa Tajzadeh, Ryoodad (online, reformist), Tehran, Iran
A Question of Time
Al-Quds al-Arabi (Palestinian expatriate), London, England , Nov. 19, 2001
Attack Anxiety
Joel Campagna, World Press Review contributing editor, February 2002

OPEC and the Chance of War
Randa Taqi al-Din, Al-Hayat (pan-Arab), London, England, Dec. 11, 2002

The sensitive side of Saddam Hussein:
Iraqi Critics Praise President's Second Novel
Ali Abd al-Amir, Al-Hayat (pan-Arab), London, England, March 3, 2002

* * *
Documents and Reports:
Members of the Iraqi Governing Council
Researched and compiled by the staff at The Middle East (Arab-oriented), London, England, August-September 2003
U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell Statement to the U.N. Security Council (February 2003)
U.S. President George W. Bush's State of the Union Address (January 2003)
Reply of the Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Blair’s dossier
President George W. Bush Address to the United Nations General Assembly (September 2002)
U.S. President George W. Bush's State of Union Address (January 2002)
U.N. Security Council Resolutions and Sanctions on Iraq (Updated January 2006)