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I Want A State Called Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdish children fleeing the Kurdistan- controlled city of Kalak to safer areas in fear of an imminent U.S.-led strike on Baghdad on March 17, 2003. (Photo: Joseph Barrak/AFP-Getty Images)

I want a state called Kurdistan
My homeland since the first day of the creation
I want my own nation
I want Kurdish nan
From Hakari and Hawraman
From Bana and Kirmashan
From my village Marga
From every great tradition of Kurdistan
To be sold in all supermarkets in the world
So that I can say
Actually the barley and the wheat
That produce bread
That makes the world fed
Were first cultivated
In the land of Karda
Where cows and sheep
Were also nurtured
And agrarian revolution
With all produce and no pollution
Spread to all the world
Any my language is as old
As the first sighs of God
Where from the mountains of Kurdistan
Where paradise rivers flow
And the gardens of Eden lie
Zardasht articulated
The first religion of civilization
Based on man's self-creation
Through good thoughts, good words
And good action.
I want Kurdish music of Zirak and Zozan
Of Khaligi and Dilan
Of Mem, Mamle and Mardan
Of Jazrawi and Juwan
Of Shirin and Shivan
To be promoted by my state
Played on every radio
Heard by every audio
I want my Kurdistani flag to shake
With every diplomatic handshake
I want my Kurdish embassies in the world
With sections for culture, tourism and commerce
Bringing together Kurdish talents, skills and knowledge
And promoting Kurdish culture and language
Kuwait was a desert and a tribe
You created it as a state for its oil and location
And serving your own colonial machination
But you enslaved us, and divided our land
And assigned us to a history
Of tragedy, genocide and assimilation
Although we are a great nation
With oil, water, strategic area,
With an ancient civilisation
And a great mission
Of peace and freedom
And we never ever committed aggression
But through Salah al-Din
We sent the West the message
Of tolerance and transformation
We created criteria for civilised dialogue
When Media made the first revolution
Against tyranny for human liberation
And inscribed the first document
Of human rights and paradigms
Of peaceful cohabitation.
Where is your Iraqi liberation?
People in mass graves have not heard anything
And the victims of your chemical profit
In Halabja
Have seen no justice, no retribution
Where is my liberation
When your racism runs so deep
Even the name of Kurdistan
Receives no mention?
I want my homeland, my state, my Kurdistan
I can no longer stand this alienation
I want my nation
I want what I deserve
And what is my natural right:
Freedom and liberation.