War in Afghanistan

Viewpoints: United States Bombs Afghan Wedding

Afghan refugees
Afghan refugees near the border in Pakistan (Photo: AFP).

Johannesburg The Star (liberal), July 4: The Americans find themselves in trouble for launching an assault on a wedding party in Afghanistan. As so often, the facts are in dispute. Was there an attack? Was it prompted by hostile fire?...Perhaps—more importantly—one needs to ask whether the United States and its allies are still busy with their so-called war on terror. After all, there has been no sign of Osama bin Laden for many months, and the Taliban have been vanquished. Are we going to receive meaningful answers? Probably not.

Copenhagen Politiken (moderate), July 13: Only a strong international presence can calm and normalize [Afghanistan]....It is thought-provoking that the global power, the United States, is interested only in military operations and categorically refuses to partake in the peacekeeping part. In the heads of American leaders, these two duties are in contrast, but...only a combination of both brings long-term results.

Bangkok Matichon Weekly Review (center-left tabloid), July 15-21: Afghanistan’s leaders have to think hard if they have to rely on the United States for their country’s security and stability. For the past year, the Afghan people have been bruised as a result of U.S. mistakes. No matter the outcome of the investigation...the Americans have already been defeated.

Jakarta Kompas (independent), July 4: If the [U.S.-led] military action kills more and more civilians, the Afghans’ support for the coalition will eventually decline or even turn against the military operation. If this happens, Afghanistan’s new government will feel the consequences.

Tokyo Asahi Shimbun (left-wing), July 9: Why were those civilians killed or injured? The United States not only needs to pay reasonable compensation but also must disclose all the pertinent information and present specific measures to prevent similar bombing errors. If civilians continue to be bombed, the stability of Karzai’s government...will
be jeopardized.