Re: Fifteenth Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

Re: Fifteenth Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

The main purpose of the Tiananmen Square protest was to create a Chinese democratic governing system. This would lead to a huge development in China giving the people rights and freedom. The start of a democratic government for China would eliminate the corrupt government the people are living under today. It may also lead to the country becoming signatory to the UDHR, therefore giving the people a better quality of life, a life that they deserve as human beings.

The Tiananmen Square massacre broke many human rights, therefore China not becoming signatory has left the United Nations with no say or input into how the people of their nation are treated. The specific articles broken include:

Article 1: The public of China are not treated the same as the government who have control over them

Article 3: The military took away the precious life of many innocent civilians during the massacre.

Article 5: They tortured people to get answers that they wanted.

Article 13: The rights to move about their own nation freely were taken away. The protest was peaceful, not harming anyone.

Article 18: They were demonstrating their views on the Chinese governing system, which resulted in many deaths.

Article 21: The public have no say about how they are governed or who will being governing them.

Article 28: The civilians who participated in the protest had their right to freedom taken away due to force of arms causing loss of life.

All of these articles were violated during the massacre, and some have and are continuing to be a part of Chinese life. People have the right to freedom and to voice opinions. Why should there be just one corrupt group laying laws in order to protect themselves from consequences and repercussions that may occur when they loose power? How is it justifiable to cause a massacre and kill innocent people for showing an opinion? But yet it still continues today. So who is going to do something about it? No one, because we are all scared of China and the military forces they have behind them to stop anyone who wants to gain control. Something needs to be done. We need to stop talking and sympathizing with the people suppressed under this and do something to give them quality of life.

Karly Ralph