U.S. Social Security: Suggested Reforms

Re: Suggested Reforms to U.S. Social Security

This artical appears to have a certain degree of fabrication or mistated informaiton. As a receipient of SSDI as a blind person, I can assure you that I never received SSDI at minimum wage during the appeals process (three years) and when awarded SSDI during the rehabilitation process was only offered just over $700 per month, increasing to $808, which is the present offering. I do not have Medicare as I cannot afford this.

I have completed training and education (five years) and continually applied for work since I lost my visual ability to continue in the field of work I was engaged.

To strengthen these programs they need to ensure that disabled individuals have equal access to employment before, during and after rehabilitation. We are not granted discounts on cost of living, transporation or healthcare as a result and are equally required to pay the same taxes as those who are not disabled.

The system needs to remove drug addicts and alcoholics and force these people to clean up or do without. I am willing to work and still I have not been able to secure a job. So please do not insult those on disability without knowing the whole picture.

Cynthia Jones
Montrose, CO