Re: Tar Sands of Alberta

Re: Tar Sands of Alberta

John Taylor
Angleton, Texas

The fact that Canada allows this type of extraction to occur ... is criminal.

Your article left out the most dangerous part of oil effluent that comes directly fron all crude oil: benzine, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and all the other aromatics that immediately evaporate as they reach the surface. The H2S has a rotten-egg, sulfurous smell. H2S is deadly, and benzine is a severe carcinogen. Both are explosive at low levels. H2S is deadly at 10 parts per million.

Each of these chemicals is used worldwide to make other products and chemicals. They are valuable when separated out, more valuable than gasoline. The fact that Canada allows this type of extraction to occur, and that operations have no requirement for containment or capture of these chemicals, is criminal. I saw Valreo refinery in Texas City, Texas fined $500,000 for a release of H2S that lasted 30 minutes at a low PPM rate. Five contractor employees that were involved were fired. It's serious, deadly business in the United States. The process of using steam to extract the oil increases the release of every deadly toxin in the crude. This venture is vested in ruin for Canada.