World Cup Crime in South Africa

Damage done by xenophobic attacks in May.

People in South Africa feel under attack, literally. Why? Well, look at the following crimes that have not been reported, these specific cases occurring in the space of about three days and excluding hundreds of other crimes not ever talked about.

A 12-year-old girl was raped by five black men in Klerksdorp. She was able to escape through a window and ran home. No report about this incident was found, although three of the men were caught.

Of a seven-man "murder-gang," three of the men got out on bail.

A woman was shot in the leg with a .22 gun on a farm in Carolina. Police refused to make a case and also did not want to talk to the media.

Two 16-year-old girls were gang raped at a dance studio whilst their teacher was tied up. No report and no article in any newspaper.

A white farmer was killed with an iron rod, tied up to the back of a vehicle and dragged to a store room on the farm where the body was left.

The list can go on and on about cases not reported and cases during which the police do not report as expected. If this is the attitude towards South Africa's own citizens, what do you think might happen to tourists who came into the country for the World Cup?

A soccer team has already been robbed, and overseas journalists have been robbed as well. The police and lodge owner said that these were rare incidents. Every incident will be brushed off as being "rare," knowing that in South Africa crime is the most common occupation. The criminals have proved several times that where there is bait, they will enter.

The government and the police choose to turn a blind eye because all the capable people to launch a proper police defense system have left the police force or the country. The current officials are all jumping monkeys, seeing their own reflection, too happy to spend their overrated salaries they receive and abusing their positions just because they can. They know nothing about leading a country or defending its citizens.

The worst part of the World Cup tournament is that there are already indirect confirmations from local people that xenophobia will kick in directly after the tournament. The local people (black people) made known that all foreigners, especially black foreigners, are to leave South Africa immediately after the tournament has ended. The violence will turn towards the white citizens and the black citizens who are not able to defend themselves and their families.

Many citizens have made arrangements to move out to safe points should the violence spread back into the country. Many also hear and read about these facts yet refuse the truth.

Although it is a huge accomplishment for South Africa to host the World Cup, no one outside of South Africa realizes the intensity of fear and almost hopelessness that reigns amongst many of its citizens.

How would you feel if your country had no leaders, no protection, no law, reverse racism and poverty whilst government officials spent millions.

Opinions about the situation in South Africa differ as much as all the cultures differ. One thing, however, is true to all. Crime, lawlessness, racism, affirmative action (expertise kicked out) and unacceptable conduct by the government and police force, are killing South Africa.

Ulindi Muller lives in Kriel, South Africa and has recently begun writing on a number of subjects, most notably health, relationships, psychology and international issues.