Re: Blood Diamonds: Still Bloody

Re: Blood Diamonds: Still Bloody

Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg
Brilliant Earth Co-Founders

Zimbabwean diamonds ... are currently being sold in jewelry stores with 'conflict free' certification.

For some time, criticisms have been mounting against the Kimberley Process (KP), the international oversight system responsible for keeping blood diamonds off the market. With new evidence of that system’s failures, we believe it is time for reform. We have launched a campaign to offer consumers a platform for demanding change, and we would like to invite you to help spread the word.

Diamond mining is fueling conflict and contributing to political oppression and unspeakable human suffering, including rape, torture, murder and forced labor. You can learn more about this situation from our online fact sheet. Unfortunately, the response of the KP has proven far from adequate. Zimbabwean diamonds mined with complete disregard for basic human rights are currently being sold in jewelry stores with "conflict free" certification.

Several years ago, following the global outcry against blood diamonds that led to the KP, Brilliant Earth was founded to pioneer a new way of doing business in the jewelry industry. Our idea was simple: to offer high-quality jewelry that is ethical and beneficial for all involved. As a retailer, we feel passionate about—and even responsible for—creating a more humane diamond industry.

To further our consumer educational campaigns, we have launched a Petition on Change.org to give individuals an easy and effective way to add their voice to the call for KP reform. To show our support and encourage consumer action, we will donate a dollar to communities harmed by the jewelry trade for every new signature, up to $10,000.