Zambia: Justice, Not Revenge

Under the effect of the shock caused to the world by the appalling and brutal terrorist action that targeted the American people on Sept. 11, underlined by painful reports and images of grief and sorrow, certain minds driven by feelings of hatred and arrogance have taken to the sinister task of reviving old methods and doctrines that lie at the very source of terrorism and the extremely grave tensions affecting the world today.

Any honest person would have the right to ask if it is really justice that they want or rather to use the hurting and outrageous tragedy to impose methods, prerogatives, and privileges leading to the establishment of an unrestricted tyranny over every people on Earth by the most powerful state in the world.

Some senior officials have openly claimed that all restrictions on the right of American institutions and officials to murder any person should be lifted, even if that requires the use of the most despicable criminals. Such a prerogative was used in the past by U.S. leaders to eliminate patriots like Patrice Lumumba in 1961 and to arrange coups d’état and carnage.

The world has not given its unanimous support or expressed its most sincere condolences to the noble American people to let such sentiments be used to elaborate doctrines that would spread chaos and bloody events throughout the planet.