Foreign Politics

Well-heeled, innocent and almost bipartisan
On Shoulders of Giants, the free world's new man
Eloquent, intelligent and astutely munificent
3 months in, economic collapse is imminent

Across the Atlantic, the new man's fool
Neither voted for, nor wanted, a useless tool
Boom and bust are events of the past?
Never reverse, nor apologize, hold stubbornly steadfast

Traverse the channel, and a whirlwind ensues
South Ossetia, Abkhazia, the Arabs or the Jews?
Sarko believes diplomacy's never been tried
He cares not, as all he seeks, is his sweetheart's pride

Silent, forgettable, but approachably efficient
She stands astride an economy built for emission
Is Russia my friend, and America my foe?
I'll call on Silvio, he's sure to know

Telecoms, football teams and a country to boot
Cosa nostra, implants, Berlusconi's a hoot
Running a country is well out of his league
But come on it's only Italy and a flat G.D.P.

Was it woman or man born as the Zionist savior?
Apparently Benny is the one Shimon will favor
Orthodox Shas in coalition requirements?
My advice — follow Ehud, and head straight for retirement

Khaled, Khaled, oh what should you do
Punish your populace, and hope the world pities you
Use the impetus to gain control of the crossings?
It just wont happen when you offer nothing?

Ataturk believed rightly in a secular state
Erdogan does, but must keep his faith
Think wisely Yasar and don't politicize your staff
Is success really dependent on Hayrunnisa's headscarf?

Sulayman looks like the man for the position
A safe pair of hands and a distaste for derision
But be careful dear sir, and look east to the liar
Shu'bat al-mukhabarat al-askariyya

Vladimir or Dmitriy we collectively question
"Sit down Dimitriy, and that's not a suggestion
Ready the troops and fuel the Lear
Then go ask Viktor for a map of the Crimea"

OPEC pariah and not long to go
For a petro economy lacking the ability to flow
MEND fences on the Delta and hope for aid from afar
Unlikely under the tutelage of Umaru Yar'Adua

Once more unto the fray as deliverables prove tricky
FATA and SWAT and a Baluch for the Baluchis
Kipling, Jazeels, and a frontier border
Zardari? ISI? Both struggling for order

Hu can invest in projects as worthy
As Myanmar's timber, and the Sudanese army
When I have more dollar then the U.S. Fed
Hu said Marxist globalization was dead

Our leaders are there to personify our needs
Not to use 'diplomacy' to supplement their greed
Neither socialist nor conservative will end the shower
Of the need to pacify those without power

So stick by your morals and stay resolute
Don't stand aside the Tamil nor the Taliban boot
Harare, Lahore, Darfur and the Sudan
Would fall but for the grace of the common man