Zimbabwe's Political Newcomer

Re: Political Newcomer Aims to Unify Opposition Party

To the Editor:

I totally support the entrance of Prof. Arthur Mutambara as a potential candidate for the presidency. I don't think that the current opposition leader has what it takes to topple the Zanu-PF culture, nor Mugabe, nor does he have the makings of a leader. From my point of view, presidents should possess the makings of a father or mother figure.

I like Prof. Mutambara's vision and respect his philosophy, which I quote: "I came to Zimbabwe to become a unifier, to provide a framework of reunification of all democratic forces fighting for change in the country. I felt that there was confusion and a lack of direction in the political party… I do not have time to condemn and fight other soldiers. We will focus our eyes on the prize that is defeating the Zanu-PF culture, not Robert Mugabe. If Mugabe drops dead tomorrow there still will be a Zanu-PF culture. The Zanu-PF culture is pervasive in our society."

For me this was the ultimate! The speech of the century! Who better to rebuild Zimbabwe's shattered economy than this professor?

It is very true that in Zimbabwe "the stakes are higher and the risks are greater." We as the Zimbabwean people, therefore, need a stronger opposition leader who has charisma and some character. It is very true that the rebirth of Zimbabwean politics "will not come simply by the dislodging of the royal sword from the stone" but by people working together as a unity.

I know that our economy is shattered, but I think that the way forward is to recruit all educated people to the political arena, those people who are outside Zimbabwe — especially those who have been living outside Zimbabwe before all these atrocities started; those people who have lived in the Western world and have suffered at the hands of Western countries, yet still managed to pursue their educational endeavors. These are the people who will rebuild this country to glory.

I am a srong, black Zimbabwean woman who has been thinking of returning home to face whatever is dished out to me, whether it is imprisonment for rebelling or having treason charges brought against me because of voicing or forming a political opposition party that can fight Zanu-PF’s culture — not Robert Mugabe.

I want to work so hard and reform our beautiful country like what Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf has been doing for Liberia. I cry every night…. Unfortunately one needs lots of funds to form a party or to campaign for change in a country that has been shattered by the black market, not only for goods and services, but in the housing market.

Harare, Zimbabwe