The Truth About Jakarta

Re: Jakarta Votes While Holding its Nose

To the Editor:

Wow. I read two of your articles on Jakarta and for the first time since I got here (six months now), I can truly say this is the first honest accounting I have seen. You nailed it right on the head. I have been having a hard time getting settled in but after reading your article, you seemed to echo exactly what I was feeling — for example, "Some simply collapse psychologically under the weight of the sheer ugliness of the place, where traffic jams are the main landmarks of the capital city and where one has to drive to the shopping malls in order to 'take a walk.' "

That is exactly how I feel. The big house, the pool, the driver and the maid, just doesn't do it for me. Jakarta for me is like a wound that will not heal. Thank you for telling it like it is, without all the frosting. Great job. Looking forward to reading more of your articles.

A. Tabin
Jakarta, Indonesia