The Iran Crisis

Re: The Iran Crisis and Possible Scenarios

To the Editor:

The article "The Iran Crisis and Possible Scenarios" is a disgrace for a number of reasons, mainly those showing that the West is committing a myriad of illegal acts against Iran and expects this nation just to buckle under.

You say, "The United States and the European states strongly resent Iran's stance, for reasons relating to Tehran's tacit support of terrorist organizations worldwide," yet further in the article, you state, "Other tactics used to curb Iran's power over the past few years include the use of special forces within the country and in particular in the Arab-populated region of Khuzestan in the south and the Kurdish-populated areas in the north. According to unverified reports, British, American, and Australian special forces have tried to ignite local rebellions against the central government in Tehran..."

Hell, these are all acts of war. Deploying special forces within the borders of a foreign nation is illegal. Fomenting rebellion and regime change is also highly illegal, which only goes to show that the West has no scruples in breaking every international law, but bleats when Iran goes about its legal affairs.

Iran has a legal right under the NPT to enrich uranium, so the West has no right to try and stop it, let alone commit acts of war against Iran. No wonder the Iranians are so angry. If I was the head of this nation, I would pull out of the NPT on the spot, kick out the IAEA, capture and execute as spies any foreign troops on Iranian soil and if the USA attacks Iran, every American would be fair game, including anywhere in the USA.

The Iranians have been very patient, but with the mass of illegal acts of war against it, I am very surprised at their tolerance.

Sydney, Australia