The Truth About Colombia

Re: Colombia's Rejection of a Humanitarian Exchange

To the Editor:

This is just a quick comment about the article titled "Colombia's Rejection of a Humanitarian Exchange" by José María Rodríguez González.

I do not know who this writer is, what kind of ties he has to Colombia, or where he gets his information, but he is dead wrong. His comments are the most belligerently ignorant comments that I have read concerning Colombia in a very long time.

Yes it is true that the Colombian government is taking a hard line with refusing the Humanitarian Exchange but that is only because they have always accepted it before. Colombia has miserably failed with soft diplomacy attempts towards the terrorist guerillas, and has found that after over 40 years of war the country wants nothing more then an end to the conflict that can only be brought about at this point with force.

The comments about the size of the Colombian army and their technology and not being able to take control of a certain territory are ridiculous. It is clear that fighting guerrilla armies is never about manpower or technology, as the mighty United States itself was not able to conquer the seemingly weak Vietnamese guerrillas in their jungle and are having just as much trouble today in Iraq.

Misael Manjarres
Parsippany, N.J.