Coups in Fiji

Re: Fiji Bills Create Divisions

To the Editor:

In reading the articles by Sanjay Ramesh I am very much distressed. Obviously seating behind a desk in Sydney, Australia he has no ideas of the effects of the many coups we have had to endure and go through. He speaks of the Dec. 6 takeover as a blessing in disguise. How possibly can a coup be a blessing? That in itself is madness!! It is an illegal removal of a democratically elected government. The only principle that would have applied here is necessity, and obviously it cannot.

I love Fiji; it is my home, and to see how someone analyses and discusses our situation as if it is some case study hurts deeply. I believe it is people like this that perpetrate the hate game between indigenous Fijians and Indo-Fijians. We are all born equal and we will all live equal. Our political situation is not perfect but we are moving to improve it. They call us the coup generation because we were born into it, but I believe we have a calling a greater than ourselves and that is to unite a nation that is divided by racial hate and misunderstanding.

Tina Finiasi
Suva, Fiji