Attack on Zimbabwe Opposition Leader

Re: A Descent into Dictatorship

To the Editor:

I wish to condemn the brutal police attack on the Zimbabwean opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai. The attack, which appeared to be aimed at cracking down on political protests against President Robert Mugabe’s government, has also fueled outrage worldwide. Given the extensive media coverage by the international press on such issues, the attack is a big blow not just to Zimbabwe, but also to the entire continent and ought to be condemned in the strongest terms.

The likes of Robert Mugabe have continued to earn Africa a bad name and it’s about time we Africans get rid of such leaders. The continent can as well do without them. Despite being one of the few promising sub-Saharan African countries with a lot of economic potential, Zimbabwe is now faced with a deepening economic crisis, with spiraling inflation at record levels of more than 1,500 percent. Unemployment is also at an all time high and there are frequent shortages of food, fuel and foreign exchange.

I therefore urge the Movement for Democratic Change (M.D.C.) not to give up their fight in ensuring that democracy, justice and freedom of association prevails in Zimbabwe.

George Gopal
Nairobi, Kenya