Global Warming

Re: A New Climate of Cool?

To the Editor:

Please do all readers a huge favor. Ask the author and Al Gore both to do this:

For one month turn all your scholarship, genius, and intellect to the following question on global warming: "What if YOU are wrong?"

If Mr. Gore is wrong, but those who agree with him were to magically prevail in changing the world it would be a WIN-WIN, with extremely efficient cars replacing oil-based automotives in huge numbers.

Now flip the scenario over and see what happens with the global warming disbelievers answering the question: "What if YOU are wrong?"

The answer might be: "Er, uh, it might be like that actor Joh-Erik Hexum who put the blank gun up to his head and said "this won't hurt, will it?", pulled the trigger and blew his brains out — only it would be an irreversible experiment carried out on a global scale of gargantuan human proportion.

Hey global warming skeptic, what should we do to be safe not sorry? ...duh, WIN-WIN measures like producing extremely efficient cars, and replacing oil-based automotives in huge numbers.

If a hundred years from now the global warming debate is still taking place on a veranda in Washington D.C. in July with people shivering, and too cold to sip iced tea due to a "little ice age," exacerbated by anthropogenic carbon sequestration programs, tough nougies! We will have hydrogen-powered cars that plug into our houses and provide our home electricity, instead of another century of fighting for oil you know where!!!

Art Grady
Bedford, Ohio