Blood Diamond Malaise

A wild illumination that fascinates lust, glowing glitter
Precious jewel a token of love and probably stability
Captivating grim image; Is this Love's real symbol?
Nuptial bonded love amid friendship and happiness
A woman's best friend the luster captures her heart
The horrendous untold tale once clouded the glitter
Sierra Leone and DR Congo nursed horrible victims
Sale of blood diamonds have fueled rebel warfare
Proceeds financed Africa's evil wars; terror reigns
Cruelty and violence perpetuated as kids maimed
Attack! Attack! AK-47 rattles, shrilling nightmare
Sobbing, choose long sleeve or short sleeve style
Diamond malaise portrays a graphic horror story
Innocent blood as hunting retribution like justice
Children barely live to their eighteenth birthday
Blood diamond rampage ruined innocent lives
Di Caprio's "Blood Diamond" captures attention
But how much of his booty goes to the victims?
Fanning the raw emotion to the world hits home
War is catastrophic, an unjustifiable vain glory
Agony of Sierra Leoneans floods TV screens.

Roland Bankole Marke (c) 2006
From "Teardrops Keep Falling"

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