Sudanese Orphans

Re: Living on the Streets

To the Editor:

Thanks for publishing such appalling news on your site. The article really shocked me and stuck in my heart. I think I have to explain that I have only known Africa as a poor and lagging continent, but with some rich countries. But when I finished reading the article, I further realized that some parts of the continent are not only poor but also nonviable. I can't imagine how miserable those children are. They face battles, diseases, poor living spaces, hunger, drugs ... so many unfortunate things befall them. I was particularly struck by the following quote, "When I see these street boys I know that if I had not had good care from my family, I would have become one of them." I think the staff of teachers who try to help the orphans are great, and what was said is true. God bless our African friends!

Kun Lin Wu
Newsoft College, NanHai district
GuangDong Province, China