World War II

Re: A Woman in Berlin

To the Editor:

I have read many books on World War II and the downfall of Hitler and his entourage. However, this book, "A Woman in Berlin" is so unique.

The diary of Anonymous is not just a retelling of events, it is a study of the mindset of a very astute, insightful, intelligent and courageous woman. By these character traits, she was literally "able to make the best of (not only a bad) but a horrible situation" as the saying goes.

She did not dwell on who was at fault as much as what she needed to do in the present tense to survive and her honesty about the sexual violations were so honest that sometimes it even bordered on "dark humor."

Bravo! What a documentary! I just wish I knew who she was and more about her background. She was amazing!

Do you think her name will ever be made known?

Thanks for your great review.

Margaret Geringer
Worth, Ill.