Looking in the Past

The attack of Hizballah on Israel compelled me to reconsider the constant, decade's old aggression of the Muslims towards the Jews. This conflict is but a small piece of the puzzle, but it has the potential of distinctively changing the current status quo of the region.

In the middle of the conflict between the Iranian supported Hizballah and Israel, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched a fresh, demented verbal attack on Israel by saying that the Jews are the "most detested people" on the planet. The comment came after Iran's top national security official, Ali Larijani, had voiced Iran's "decisive support" for the terrorist Palestinian groups and for the terrorist Hizballah, and basically for anyone who fights to destroy Israel. This is simply and purely madness. Yet, it is hardly uncommon for the Muslim leaders to publicly or behind the curtains call for the eradication of Israel, or at least for its relocation far away from the Middle East region.

It is absolutely appalling to see the resurgence of the Nazi racism and hatred towards the Jews, taking the lead in Middle Eastern politics.

It is like we have learned nothing from the sufferance of millions and millions of Jews, and from the insidious and direct attacks they have had to bear during all their existence.

The core problem of the Muslims, beside the immediate political interest of Iran and Syria, or the selfish and unbalanced ones of Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah of depicting himself as the savior of the Muslim world, is not the so-called occupation of the Palestinian lands, as we frequently hear, it is the very existence of Israel period.

I just can't stand the question, "does Israel have the right to exist?" There's no point to it. It DOES exist.

Syria, Iran and their cronies, namely Hamas and Hizballah (both organizations being labeled as terrorist by the United States) have found themselves pretty isolated, and they didn't expect it. Somehow, they thought that the entire Arab world would join their fight against Israel. They thought it would be like 1967 and 1973 all over again.

But, the turning point has come and the Saudi and Egyptian officials have slammed Hizballah for "adventurism," for dragging Lebanon into a bloody, undeserved war, and for further destabilizing the region.

"Hizballah is trying to survive as an armed movement by … provoking a conflict with Israel. This state of affairs makes it a 'state within a state'," Al-Ahram said, quoting Egyptian officials.

Pandering to radical Islam is a dangerous approach as it is considered a sign of weakness by the Muslim world. The way war works is that, once someone attacks you, it is either that you destroy their ability and will to make war, or keep on being attacked.

By shelling Hizballah, Israel is not only doing itself a service, but also to Lebanon. For years, Lebanon has been a hostage of Hizballah and its providers. The Lebanese Prime Minister, Fuad Siniora lastly recognized it publicly (later he said he was misquoted, though the newspaper denied the accusation and said it has everything on tape, proving one more time the forked language of the Middle Eastern diplomacy), in an interview with the Italian, Corriere della Sera. Siniora said, "the entire world must help us disarm Hizballah, which obeys the political agendas of Tehran and Damascus."

A source from the Lebanese Christian side that asked not to be named told me yesterday that, "if matters are left only in the U.N., it will be a disaster. Both Iran and Syria have managed to circumvent the U.N. every time, one on the nuclear issue, and the other on the Hariri investigation, UN 1559, and the international court. Both the U.S. and Israel have to do drastic things directly to make full use of this opportunity and cut Hizballah down to size. Otherwise, any half-baked solution concocted at the U.N. will bring back future anti-American and anti-Israeli retribution with a vengeance. Of course it is Lebanon as usual that is paying, and will pay, the biggest price. But if the U.S. and Israel play their hands well, Lebanon stands to gain a lot eventually and the present destruction might be affordable in the long run."

From Israel's part this conflict is about self-conservation and about removing Hizballa, which has been created and funded to wage underground war against Israel.

The Arab League declared war on Israel in 1948, not the other way around. Lebanon, Syria and all the other Arab and Muslim country members except for Egypt and Jordan are still officially at war with Israel. Israel has shown again and again they want to live in peace. However, every time Israel pulls back, it's attacked again

The PLO, Fatah, Hamas, Hizballah and Islamic Jihad all have covenants and constitutions calling, not for an independent Palestinian state, or for a sovereign Lebanon, but for Israel's destruction.

That is why on the deepest level, irrespective of the Lebanese-Israel conflict outcome, I have no expectation of lasting peace between the Muslims (Iran), Arab Muslims and Israel anytime soon. In the end, if you do not value all lives equal to your own, peace cannot be achieved with any people different than you.

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