Rudeness Study is Biased

Re: Asians Lack Politeness in Survey of World Cities

To the Editor:

This is in reference to the article on people from Mumbai being rude. That is a totally biased study done by Reader's Digest. The author, Mr. Joshi , is so correct in pointing out that in India, in general, people are much more sincere and caring. What is considered "polite " in the Western world is viewed as nothing but superficiality. Indians are sincere and mean what they say, instead of using cliches. In America people will say "Hi, how are you?" and before the other person can reply they are finished with them. All they want to hear is the cliche, " I am fine, how are you?" The R. D. surveyors themselves are insincere so how will they know the difference?

Should someone just be polite in verbal utterances, or is better to be sincere and say only what you mean? Thanks Mr. Joshi.

Subiha Wajid
Lutz, Fla.