What is Wrong with the USA Today?


Why are millions of Americans unemployed? Answer: Outsourcing — so the CEOs, presidents and corporate board members can line their pockets while they are destroying American lives. Entire towns and cities are drying up because there are so many persons unemployed. They are shutting down U.S. companies and sending the jobs overseas. We could train other countries to make their own products, then they can have jobs for their own citizens. We need our jobs back! Why are sporting players being paid millions of dollars to play games while most persons that work hard get paid pennies in comparison?

Why are there no steps being taken to stop the cost of everyday products from rising so much? Eventually, no one will be able to survive because they will not be able to purchase anything. Gas is just an example. There are more vehicles and drivers, which means more gas is being sold, which means someone is making more money. Why does the price have to continue to keep climbing? What are their excuses? Nothing but lies.

Social Security

If millions are unemployed, where is their income? Are they putting money into Social Security? No! In addition, what right does Congress have to steal from our Social Security coffers? Social Security is our retirement bank account; at least it was created for this reason. It's certainly not that now. Who changed the laws, who is allowing money from our Social Security accounts to be removed by hundreds of millions at a time, and for what reasons? What is going to be done about it, anything? Not by the President, with his dance around the truth. The President's reforms are too late; why didn't he start in his first term? Why has this taken so long?

How long has President Bush been in charge? His plans are only band-aids and will do nothing to correct the root problems. He is running circles around the truth, and all we are getting is snowballed! While he and his staff are laughing all the way to the bank, who else is lining their pockets? The "money men" running this planet's oil, the Illuminati, and Skull & Bones — that's who! If these folks would donate just 3 percent of the multiple millions they spend a year playing games to support the rebuilding of the levees in New Orleans, it would pay for them overnight. That is just a dream and will never happen. Have the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers looked at what Japan has built to protect their cities from typhoons and tidal waves? That would be too easy; we don't want another country helping us out with new designs that would work perfectly.


1. Corporations shutting down/closing their doors: Why?
2. Companies shutting down/closing their doors: Why?
3. Military Bases are being closed: Why?
4. Schools are being shut down/closed: Why?
5. The cost of everything going thru the roof: Why?

I know why, do you? Does anyone care, beside me? Or am I alone? This is taking place before our eyes. I cannot believe that no one cares! It is time to outsource President Bush, Vice President Cheney, the Homeland Security Director, all CEOs that have outsourced their companies' jobs, and those responsible for moving FEMA under Homeland Security. They are destroying our nation and nothing is being done about it! The persons responsible for attempting to give control of our U.S. ports to Arabs while we are fighting terrorism should be all outsourced themselves. Let's send them to the Middle East! Homeland Security is for anti-terrorism and FEMA is for such things as natural disasters! The President moved FEMA under Homeland Security — a critical, major mistake which has already proven to be such! I could run circles around the Homeland Security Director!