November 2001
  VOL. 48, No. 11

Cover Story

Battle Without Borders: The War Against Terror

We Are All Americans | Jean-Marie Colombani, Le Monde, Paris
This Time, There Were Cameras...
| Blake Morrison, The Guardian, London
America’s Second Loss of Innocence
| Rolando Pérez Betancourt, Granma, Havana
Feeding on Horror...and Mistakes
| Carlos Basombrío, Iglesias, Ideele, Lima
American Nightmare
| Salama Ahmed Salama, Al-Ahram, Cairo
Over Before It Starts
| Czeslaw Milosz, Rzeczpospolita, Warsaw
No Distinction Among Terrorists
| The Island, Colombo
Zimbabwe’s Fears
| Busani Bafana, WPR
Two September Days
| Elisa Ben-Rafael, WPR
The New World Disorder
| Serge July, Libération, Paris
History Will Judge Us All
| Sunday Star-Times, Auckland
This Is How the 21st Century Begins
| Adam Michnik, Gazeta Wyborcza, Warsaw
No Challenge to the United States
| The Mail & Guardian, Johannesburg
Home Becomes More Dangerous
| Ljiljana Smajlovic, NIN, Belgrade
Game Over
| Naomi Klein, The Globe and Mail, Toronto
Asking the Bitter Question
| John Kamau, Daily Nation, Nairobi
Ghost Town
| Simon Saetre, Aftenposten, Oslo
Responding to U.S. Demands
| Dawn, Karachi
Learning from Disaster
| Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Moscow
Condemnation and Compassion | Muhammad Naji Amayrah, Al-Ra’i, Amman
Not Every Muslim | Amos Oz, Yediot Aharonot, Tel Aviv
A Psychological Blow to the World Economy | Paul Friese and Maarten Schinkel, NRC Handelsblad, Rotterdam (print edition only)
Even Worse than Pearl Harbor | Mikio Haruna, The Japan Times, Tokyo
The Age of Uncertainty | Radek Khol, Lidove Noviny, Prague
Wide Coalition Against Terrorism | El País, Madrid
Giving the Enemy a Face | Janusz Reiter, Rzeczpospolita, Warsaw
A Barbaric Act | Palestine Report Online, Jerusalem
Candies in East Jerusalem | Roni Shaked, Yossie Asolin, and Smadar Peri, Yediot Aharonot, Tel Aviv
Metropolis Madness | Nilay Karaelmas, Radikal, Istanbul
The Color of Courage | Boris Pankin, The Moscow Times, Moscow
Terrorism...or Merely “Blowback”? | Lincoln Wright, The Canberra Times, Canberra
European Responsibility | Martin Winter, Frankfurter Rundschau, Frankfurt
The Grapes of Wrath | Sergio Aguayo, Reforma, Mexico City

The Arab Press Sends Mixed Messages | Joel Campagna, WPR

CIA’s Toy Gone Awry | Ranjit Bhushan, Outlook, New Delhi

Bin Laden, the Taliban, and Pakistan | Marcelo Justo, Página 12, Buenos Aires (print edition only)

Can Pakistan Strangle the Taliban? | Peter Popham, Independent on Sunday, London

Difficult Security | Jean-Robert Sansfaçon, Le Devoir, Montreal (print edition only)

Days of Awe, Days of War
| Amir Oren, Ha’aretz, Tel Aviv (print-edition only)

A Never-Ending Injustice
| Krisnadi Yuliawan and Zaenal Dalle, Gatra, Jakarta

Roundup: Reflections on a Day of Terror

Gambia: A Lesson to Be Learned | D.A. Jawo, The Independent, Banjul
Ghana: Terrorism Is Not “Payback” | Free Press, Accra
Zambia: Justice, Not Revenge | Chama Nsabika, The Post, Lusaka
Argentina: Total Solidarity with Victims | La Nación, Buenos Aires
Brazil: The Limits of Solidarity | Dora Kramer, O Estado de São Paulo, São Paulo
Chile: A New Kind of War | El Mercurio, Santiago
Colombia: America Reaps What It Sowed | Antonio Caballero, Semana, Bogotá
Costa Rica: The Lessons of Horror | Jorge Arroyo, La Nación, San José
Peru: Barbarity or Civilization | Federico Salazar, Lima
China: Serious Threat to Civilization | China Daily, Beijing
Pakistan: Adding to Our Burden | The Nation, Lahore
Philippines: America’s Reawakening | Art A. Borjal, The Philippine Star, Manila
Singapore: Act with Caution | The Straits Times, Singapore
Taiwan: In Crisis, a Country Must Unite | Liberty Times, Taipei
Thailand: The U.S. Is Forever Changed | Kavi Banthai, Nation Sudsapda Weekly, Bangkok
Algeria: Rethinking the Variables | A. Bahmane, Al-Watan, Algiers
Egypt: Deadly Blow
| Samir Ragab, Al-Gumhuriya, Cairo
England: Does America Read the Signs? | Yasser Al-Zaatra, Al-Hayat, London
Israel: The Beginning of the End of Terror | Yael Paz Melamed, Ma’ariv, Tel Aviv
Bosnia: A Final Lesson? | Senad Pecanin, Dani, Sarajevo
Croatia: A Moral Calculation | Milan Ivkosic, Vecernji List, Zagreb
Lithuania: Crossroads in Ruins | Ricardas Gavelis, Respublika, Vilnius
Yugoslavia: Terror’s End and Our Own | Ljubodrag
Stojadinovic, Politika, Belgrade
England: Into the Unknown | Kevin Myers, Daily Telegraph, London
France: The End of a Dream | Le Monde, Paris
Germany: Where Is the Enemy? | Michael Maier,, Berlin
Greece: Only Europe Can Bridge the Gap | Anna Diamantopoulou, Eleftherotypia, Athens
Italy: Among Bin Laden’s Followers | Tiziano Terzani, Corriere della Sera, Milan
Turkey: Lowered Flags Curse Evil | Mehmet Y. Yilmaz, Milliyet, Istanbul





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