September 2001
  VOL. 48, No. 9

Cover Story

Cover Story: Bush on the World Stage

All Against One Máreio Senne de Moraes, Fôlha de São Paulo, São Paulo
The Sheriff Is Coming
Josef Joffe, Die Zeit, Hamburg
An American Headache Remedy NIN, Belgrade
Holding the Carrot and the Stick
Basm al-Jasr, Al-Sharq al-Awsat, London
The Enemy is China The Korea Herald, Seoul
Try Diplomacy Instead Guy Wilson-Roberts, The New Zealand Herald, Auckland
Japan-U.S. Relations: Candid and Responsible The Japan Times, Tokyo
Roundup: Cold War Presidency?


  The Balkans, 10 Years After
Remembrance of Things Not-Quite-Past Katarina Subasic, WPR
Troubled Times, 10 Years On Reporter, Belgrade
A Learner's Lexicon Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zurich
West's Temporary Thing Slobodan Casule, Dnevnik, Skopje
Shortsighted in Skopje Sokol Dervishi, Gazeta Shqiptare, Tiran

Mexican Immigration: Closely Watched Borders

Negotiating a Migration Accord Diego Cevallos, Inter Press Service, Rome
Deaths on Devil's Highway Adolfo Aguilar Zinser, Reforma, Mexico City
A Questionable Bargaining Chip La Journada, Mexico City
Mexico's 'Southern Plan': The Facts Velia Jaramillo, Processo, Mexico City

The Southern Border: A Virtual Line Isaín Mandujano, Proceso, Mexico City



Revising Japan's History Textbooks
Race Riots Scar England
The 2008 Olympics in China

Mirror on the USA
African-Americans Seek Slavery Reparations | The Irish Times, Dublin

Still the Most Powerful Man in Peru | Ideele, Lima
Genocide on Trial in Belgium | L'Express, Paris
Children of the Battlefield | Ha'aretz, Tel Aviv


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Middle East

South African Reality TV | Le Monde diplomatique, Paris
Little Lhasa's Growing Pains | The Australian, Sydney

A Disaster Foretold: 'The Quiet American' | The Bulletin, Sydney

The Arts:
Hollywood Comes to Maputo | The Independent, London
Preserving the Music of the Laz | Le Monde, Paris

Science and Technology:
Making Sense of Scents | The Independent, London
Keep in a Cool, Dry Place | Argumenty i Fakty, Moscow

The Philippines: Season of Crime | CyberDyaryo, Manila
Taiwan: Full Steam Toward the United Nations | Liberty Times, Taipei

Malaysia: So Near, Yet So Far | Manila Standard, Manila

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