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Jordan's Energy Policy Key to Its Economy

With Syria in crisis and Egypt in flux, Jordan is being forced to adopt energy policies that put the country on a path to sustainable development. By Antonia Dimou.


Israel and Palestine: A Bi-National Solution

Two decades of failed negotiations, perpetual conflict and an expanded occupation should encourage an alternative to the two-state solution. By Laurelle Atkinson.


Syria: the Misnomer of 'Combating Terrorism'

In Syria and across the Middle East, every actor embroiled in conflict is considered a terrorist by someone, making resolutions exceedingly difficult to achieve. By Laurelle Atkinson.


Viewpoints: Saudi Arabia's Geopolitical Maneuvers

In its battle for regional dominance and ongoing rivalry with Shi'ite Iran, Sunni Saudi Arabia is currently involved in a number of strategic battles throughout the Middle East.


Libya Is a Failed State

Instability in Libya, a country where militias rove the land, was demonstrated last week when Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was captured in Tripoli.
By James Stafford.


Syria: Interview with Richard Gowan

Gowan discusses the obstacles to a peace process, including the fact that extremist rebel factions are unlikely to recognize any ceasefire arrived at in Geneva. By Joshua Pringle.


Egypt: Interview with Zachary Lockman

Lockman discusses the current struggle in Egypt among the Muslim Brotherhood, the revolutionaries of Tahrir Square and the military that has reclaimed power. By Joshua Pringle.

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