Founded by Teri Schure in January 1997, is a nonpartisan magazine whose mission is to foster the international exchange of perspectives and information. It contains articles reprinted from the press outside the United States, as well as originally written material. Reprinted articles are subject to editing, translation, and excerpting. Illustration and photo selection, captions, and some headlines accompanying reprinted articles are by's editors. Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

Mission is committed to offering readers a first-hand look at the issues and debates that occupy the world's newspapers and magazines. As the space devoted to thoughtful, incisive reporting of foreign news shrinks in the U.S. media, many subjects and perspectives of vital international importance are increasingly obscured or invisible to Americans. provides an understanding of the information that shapes opinions and views in other societies. As the world becomes more globally interdependent, it is vital for Americans to understand that what is happening outside the United States has a direct impact on their lives and their country. Our goal is to foster a globally engaged citizenry, which acts not only in its own country's interest, but also in the interests of the world community.

Drawing upon publications around the globe, and a network of correspondents in dozens of countries, illuminates the issues that barely see the light of day in the mainstream press, translating, reprinting, analyzing, and contextualizing the best of the international press from more than 20 languages. More than simply a source of international news and information, provides users with a succinct view of the political and economic climate globally.

More than 60,000 unique visitors a month find essential because it deepens their understanding of worldwide issues and concerns. Each nation's press tends to view world events through a prism of its own language, culture and national interest. Thus, a closer version of the truth may be gained from reading a variety of reporting, commentary, and critical analysis from many nations. is a unique tool for experienced internationalists and influential opinion-makers: It breaks the barriers of language, geography, and culture, providing first-hand information. Thousands of students and educators come to for our international perspective as well as our foreign news expertise. is considered an invaluable source for understanding the issues and events of the world today.