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Khalid al-Asaad Slaughtered by ISIS

Khalid al-Asaad, an 83-year-old caretaker of antiquities in Syria, was beheaded by ISIS, but did not receive the same attention as a slain lion. By Teri Schure.


Viewpoints: Iraq and Syria's Ongoing Conflagration

Sectarian warfare in Iraq, a brutal regime in Syria and ISIS in both countries have led to a level of violence and chaos that is extreme even by the Middle East's standards.


Gas Discoveries in the East Mediterranean

Countries in the East Mediterranean can use gas discoveries as a catalyst for regional cooperation, unlocking the region's production potential. By Antonia Dimou.


Saudi Arabia Continues to Turn Screws on U.S. Shale

Saudi Arabia has succeeded in maintaining its market share throughout the oil bust by continuing to ratchet up production. By James Stafford.


Viewpoints: Netanyahu Further Isolates Israel

Through his increasingly belligerent position toward Palestinians and Iran, Netanyahu has managed to incense the United States, Israel's one indispensable ally.


World's 10 Biggest Energy Gluttons

A look into which countries use the most energy per capita reveals some surprising results, from the Middle East to the Caribbean.
By Andrew Topf.


Viewpoints: Iraq Battles Multiple Crises

With ISIS continuing to terrorize and control broad swaths of the country, and with international intervention now underway, Iraq also faces a potential political crisis.


Gaza: The Middle East Children's Alliance

In this interview, MECA's Ziad Abbas discusses his organization's work to bring aid, clean water and creative outlets to Palestinian children in need. By Joshua Pringle.

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