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Viewpoints: Ukraine's East-West Tug-of-War

Protests in Ukraine are now in their third month, with protestors showing no sign of letting up, despite the brute treatment they have received in clashes with security forces.


Ukraine Protests: Euromaidan Has Real Potential

Furious about its government cowing to Russia and mishandling economic challenges, Ukrainian citizens have taken to the streets in record force. By Ivan Verstyuk.


Religion in Eastern Europe

While the Catholic Church confronts contemporary issues with a modern face, the Orthodox Church remains stubbornly entrenched in its Byzantine heritage.
By Ivan Verstyuk.


Eastern Mediterranean Natural Gas Culminations

Countries like Cyprus, Israel and Greece have high expectations of becoming players in world energy markets through natural gas production. By Ioannis Michaletos.


Turkey: Theater and the State

The fight for freedom of expression in Turkey can be seen in the battle between the theater industry and the AKP government's effort to silence dissent.
By Kirsten O'Regan.


Turkey's Diverse Resistance

The people meeting in Istanbul's parks have wildly different backgrounds and political beliefs, but they are now engaging each other in ways that they haven't in the past. By Kirsten O'Regan.


Emigration Turns Hardship into Opportunity

The global financial crisis may have eliminated job opportunities around the world, but it has opened the door for a cultural boom on new shores. By Constantina Soukas.

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