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Viewpoints: Venezuela's Anti-Government Protests

As protests have expanded in Venezuela this month, state security forces have used excessive force on protestors while cracking down on the press and the opposition.


Nicaragua Strengthens Economic Ties with Europe

Recent meetings and agreements signal that European countries may increase investment in energy and infrastructure projects in Nicaragua.
By Peter Tase.


Tapping into Latin America's Oil

With Latin America's surplus production and new offshore oil fields, India should further increase its oil trade with the region and continue to diversify its energy supply.
By Hari Seshasayee.


Extreme Energy, Extreme Implications

Professor and author Michael T. Klare discusses the dangers of "extreme" energy, and how renewables may be the only way to avoid war and disaster. By James Stafford.


International Justice on an Uneven Playing Field

Significant progress has been made in prosecuting human rights abusers, but accountability mechanisms vary greatly depending on the context. By Joshua Pringle.


Viewpoints: Hugo Chavez's Death

Chavez was a man of controversy and contradiction. takes a snapshot of the wildly variegated world news coverage following his death.


When Will the U.S. Hit The 1947 Wall?

A Fed effort in 1947 to control interest rates led to hyperinflation and high unemployment—something we could see repeated very soon. By Evan Schnidman.

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